Encouraging Competitiveness and Innovation in ITCC 2014

Mitrais’ Account Manager Edwind Arhandhika and Senior Designer Mohammad Idrus took part in Udayana University’s Information Technology Creative Competition 2014’s (ITCC 2014) final stages as judges. By becoming one of the event’s sponsors, Mitrais hoped to inspire the students to pursue their passion in the IT industry.

The purpose of ITCC 2014 is to encourage the young generation’s creativity and competitiveness. The Udayana University, located in Bali, invited Mitrais’ representatives as the external judges to assess the results of both the programming and website design competitions.

Edwind assessed the result for the programming competition for the University level. “The participants were students from universities in Bali and Java. They were invited to create web-based e-leaning systems individually within the time period provided. We had six finalists who presented their results in the last day.”

Along with two Udayana representatives, Edwind evaluated the finalists’ web-based e-learning systems. He observed that several students had the initiative and capability to give added value to their creations. “Some of them were able to create a responsive application and to add sharing capability. These were in the competition’s requirements but the insight to add popular features like that is delightful to watch.”

In the web design competition that followed, only high school students were competing. Idrus was one of the three judges appraising the finalists’ final designs. The students, in his opinion, had put a lot of thought and work into each website, as could be seen in their presentation.

“The competition was to create a website for the Udayana’s IT Department. Some of the competitors showed a lot of potential but they will need guidance to shape their talents into marketable skills,” Idrus commented. “This event provided a good opportunity for them to learn as we, the judges, gave them tips and corrections to help them improve.”

With so many creative young minds showcasing their ingenuity, Edwind hoped to witness similar occasions in the future. “It was great to see all the competitors doing their best to get to first place. Some of them exceeded our expectations! We will keep on maintaining our relationship with universities to encourage the growth of young IT professionals.”

Source: Mitrais


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