Twenty Fourteen

In less than twelve hours I suppose, we will be welcoming twenty fourteen. It will become an interesting year indeed, not only for me and my family, but also for my country, as the general election for both legislative and presidential election will also be held. However, rather than talking about the never-ending political discussions in our beloved country, let’s reflect to ourselves of what we had done in twenty thirteen and what will we do in twenty fourteen.

Many happy moments were happened in the thirteen, making us more cheerful. Nonetheless, sad moments had also took place. Both happy and sad moment come and go, which should shape us to be a better person in everything, more mature, more optimistic and more wisely in facing the future.

I myself often think that time is running so fast, years gone by so quick and our physical strength is decreasing slowly. Seeing those facts – as a human being – what are actually our final objectives in this life? is it greatness? wealthy? splendor? happiness? or else? we can obtain many answers though.

For me personally, life is no more than a bridge. A bridge to a final destination that we call it hereafter. Our final destination will fully depend on what we have done along the bridge. Have we prepared for it?

Speaking of which, Happy New Year Twenty Fourteen! 🙂


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