Life is Beautiful

Four minutes to midnight on my laptop, in one of the rooms at one of the resorts in Anyer, still have to wait a bit longer ’til my eyes got sleepy, at the same time my wife has been covered by her dreams  (hopefully the  sweet one), suddenly my mind walking around anywhere, thinking about my family, my job, my whole life. I just thinking that I have a beautiful life, a perfect one. Well, nothing is perfect, but this one is perfect, at least for me.

Querulous is the common nature of human being, but if we think deeper, then we will realize that there is no reason for being like that. We have to be grateful for all things that came to us, that we had, that we’ve got. You know, sometimes we see any other people’s life and got envious, but if think once more, we only see the good thing of them, we do not know completely about them. But if we see inside in our life, we will know how beautiful it is and we know that completely, isn’t it?

Well, sometimes there is tiny pebble which is called “problem of life” but be sure that we can face it, we can solve it, we can beat it, and finally we are the winner. There is no such thing that we cannot face it, problem is there for us to beat, if we found the hard one, keep in mind that it is tiny thing so we can face and solve it, otherwise we can not solve it because we already seen that it is hard to beat.

Work hard, think positive, smile, and pray to run our life. Think deeper and we will realize how beautiful our life is 🙂

Well, 8 minutes from midnight, Good Nite Everyone…


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